Monday, March 19, 2012

weekly menu: spring break

This week I don't have many school obligations but will be working a lot.  Museums are busy when public school is on break so it's going to be a long, but fun week.  I'll need some good food to get me through! 

large shell pasta with vegetarian "sausage" and mushrooms (based on this Food Network Magazine recipe) 

delicious Food Network magazine favorite recipe Fish Tacos

yogurt marinated chicken and  sweet and sour lentils from From Mom With Love

quinoa with roasted cauliflower (I never used that cauliflower recipe with tomatoes and feta I had posted for 2 weeks... so i'm determined to get it done this week!)

Dinner with friends on Thursday night... I'm bringing salad and bread. :) 

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  1. Can I request these fish tacos for the next time I come over?!