Monday, March 19, 2012

Springy Lemon Cake

I've had this recipe for Simple Lemon Cake saved in my little recipe box for almost a year. I saved it from Everyday Food's Easter issue last year, and I finally made it this weekend. It was a super simple and easy cake recipe, and I loved the citrusy smell of the lemons as they boiled on the stovetop. The clipping I had saved from the magazine varied a bit from this online recipe. Instead of mixing butter, eggs and sugar separately, I added it to the food processor with the lemons. This worked well, and cut out an extra step.

simple lemon cake with raspberries - a springy treat!

The makes a very moist, dense cake. Slightly tart, a little sweetness. Serve with raspberries and whip your own cream! I couldn't help eating this slice of cake for breakfast after I photographed it this morning. :)