Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Homemade Popcorn Trifecta

We love popcorn at my house. It's one of our favorite snacks.  Ryan has this amazing popcorn popper, that I found out, everyone in his family gets as some right of passage when they move out on their own. Ok, so it's probably not that dramatic, but that was the reaction I had and the story I concocted when I discovered that his sister had the same exact popcorn popper. 

Ryan was having some friends over for cards and decided to make poprocn.  THREE FLAVORS of popcorn!!!  We do it right here, friends... and sometimes we go over the top.  He quickly whipped up some cheesy popcorn, spicy popcorn and caramel popcorn.  Remember those giant crazy tins of popcorn that would show up around Christmas time and last until Easter?  This is the homeade version of the popcorn trifecta....

Which would you rather eat?

or this?
secret family recipe caramel corn

spicy popcorn

Parmesan cheese popcorn


  1. i LOVE your popcorn photos! What is this magical popcorn maker and where can I get one?

    1. Thanks!! It's the Stiry Crazy Popcorn Popper. There's a link in the post. :)
      The popcorn will not be hanging around until Easter. It is all gone.