Allison is a grad student and informal science educator living in Des Moines, Iowa. She is a food enthusiast who doesn't like the pretension that comes with the label "foodie." Allison loves cats, sharpening her knife skills, and hunting for home goods in local thrift stores. Some of her favorite memories at Cara's kitchen table include a reunion tucked away in a breakfast nook in Denver Colorado, the time Cara tossed her a cookbook an hour before a dinner party and demanded "bake a cake!," and Cara's weekend breakfast scones.

Cara is a photographer and yoga teacher living in Boston, MA. She loves to prepare delicious, simple food from wholesome ingredients, always preferring made-from-scratch to ready-made. Breakfast is her favorite meal, she loves to bake all sorts of goodies, and she's one of those people who washes up as she cooks. Some of her favorite moments at Allison's kitchen table involve drinking coffee together, concocting recipes for homemade ice cream, and eating Ryan's awesome jam on fresh-baked bread.

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