Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekly Menu March 4-10

Hello Kitchen Table Friends!

This weekly menu is all about ease.  And beans, it seems.  Even so, I am sampling two new recipes from another food magazine called  Taste of Home. It's a magazine that collects recipe submissions. 

You'll also see a repeat of a recipe from a few weeks back, a nice tortilla soup that contains hearty spinach.  I didn't cook the tortilla chips in the soup like the recipe calls for (does that negate it's title as tortilla soup?) I like them to stay crunchy.  Do try it, the link is below.  It's delicious and easy. 

chunky tortilla soup with black beans 

chicken and black bean stacked enchilada 
I made this last night, and while it didn't make me jump for joy at how interesting it was, it was definitely easy to make and tasted good.  Sometimes that's just what I need.  A recipe that gets food on the table without a lot of fuss or prep time. 

veggie wraps also from Taste of Home

cauliflower gratin with tomatoes and feta from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison
For when I want a little more fuss and prep time. Many other bloggers have been kind enough to type this recipe out and it can be found here.

pork chops with brussel sprouts
I will roast both of these in the oven one evening this week after work. We picked up several pork chops from the locker near Ryan's parents' house over Christmas... I think these will be the last ones.  That is if I remember to remove them from the freezer...

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