Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekly Menu 9-13

I just returned from the grocery store for this week.  My love of cooking makes grocery shopping a pretty good experience, especially when I have the luxury to do it in the middle of the day on a weekday (thank you half day at work today!).

I love a well stocked pantry. I like to be able to whip up something delicious when inspiration hits.  That's why we have 8 boxes of cereal right now.... we have room to stock up when it goes on sale.

In the event of a natural disaster, feel free to stop by, we'll probably have enough to eat.
Here's what we're going to eat this week with help of this plentiful pantry:

ravioli with tomato sauce (see picture of large jar of homemade sauce above we received over Christmas. we have one open in the fridge and need to use it up!) with salad.

black bean soup (the one I posted last week) it's so good it needs to be repeated already!!

minestrone (I have a basic recipe for this, but may search for something a little more fancy...)

quinoa with red peppers, chickpeas and feta with salad.

black bean burritos with salad (I'm going to to try to replicate the delicious burritos I raved about several weeks ago).

Have a great week!

Your Friend,

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