Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Brunch

We had a little brunch at our house Easter morning before riding our bikes over to the park where we shivered with some friends and beckoned the sun to come out. It did not.

I looked all over for rhubarb this weekend, but none was to be had. Maybe its too early here? I wish I had a little rhubarb patch out back of my 6 unit apartment building. I wonder what the neighbors would say :)

So I gave up on the rhubarb treat and made blueberry muffins instead. I also made an overnight french toast and overdid my asparagus (oops!). But the saver of the day was my friend Beth who appeared at the door with the most amazing mini-quiches ever and what was the most adorable baby lamb cake I have ever seen.

This white cake was sweetened with applesauce, filled with buttercream frosting and topped with coconut. Beth baked the cake in a lamb shaped cake mold from her grandmother. The lamb cake was one of her easter traditions growing up, and she brought one to share with us. This lamb was almost too cute to eat!

Beth made these tarragon topped mini-quiches using wonton wrappers instead of pastry, shaped in muffin tins and filled with egg, milk, cheese and bacon. They were wonderful, and so pretty!

Here's our little spread, fresh picked spring flowers while the lamb looks over the french toast :)


  1. That cake is ADORABLE.

    I can't even wait for rhubarb season.

  2. What a pretty table. That is the cutest cake ever.