Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Almond and Apricot Thumbprint Cookies

Here's a little goodie I made last week for the Fun-A-Day Boston opening show at the Aviary Gallery. These cookies are chock full of one of my favorite foods: Almonds!

This recipe calls for almond butter, and last week I had tried my hand at making my own homemade almond butter. I love the stuff, and it can be a bit pricey in store. I ground up the almonds in my food processor. It took about 15 minutes and while the almond butter turned out well, my food processor wasn't very happy with me. By the time the almonds had turned to butter, the machine was smelling a bit overdone and I was sensing imminent mechanical failure. Perhaps an industrial rated food processor would handle this better. Not sure if I'll try it again on my own (my food processor is one of my favorite kitchen tools). So for this recipe you can try making your own following this perfect tutorial from a cozy kitchen, or just buy your own (I find Trader Joe's has the cheapest store-bought almond butter).

And now to the cookies! This is a Martha Stewart recipe, I've made it several times. Click here to find the full recipe. I follow it to the "t" with perfect results every time.

Voila! They were a hit at the art show. Check out our spread...

A little note about this 2-tiered dessert stand: I picked it up at Laura Ashley in the UK while I was in Wales for grad school. Its one of my favorite things, I use it to display desserts or just as a spring and summer fruit basket at home. The whole thing comes apart and packs flat for easy transport. Love it!

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