Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekly Menu Feb. 20-26

Hello Kitchen Table Friends!

Another busy week here in Des Moines.  I have blogging plans up my sleeve, including a post by a special guest, but I have a research paper/presentation that takes priority.  Things may be a little quiet at the kitchen table this week.  But I didn't want to leave you hanging...  here's the weekly menu.  Full of old favorites.  I like how the blog has become a way for me to catalog my favorite recipes.  While you do see many repeats in my weekly menu, this is really what I eat week after week.  I know what works and what I like! 

Frittata with roasted vegetables such as carrots, sweet potato, leeks and and goat cheese.

Cara's sweet potato and black bean burrito.  I'm still in love with it!

Inger-Anne's Indian Corn Soup with Chicken

Yogurt marinated chicken with spiced, roasted potatoes.

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  1. What a cool blog. I always wish I lived next door to people who cook. And take pictures. And are, well, colorful.