Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Sweet Quinoa Snack

As I wrote yesterday, most of what I blog about is dinner.  However, I make lots of other fun stuff too, it's just not as strategic as my weekly dinner preparations.  So here's something different.

I decided to make this quinoa recipe that several of my friends pinned on their Pinterest pages (which I don't use that much for food because I have the blog!).  It looked sooo delicious.  In my kitchen, quinoa is usually cooked in vegetable broth and eaten with savory things like cheese and vegetables.  Making a sweet more breakfasty, or after school snack in my case, version was very intriguing.   I didn't have any of the ingredients the recipe used (she even used a different kind of quinoa), so I made my own version which is basically the same method, just different flavors.

1/3 C quinoa (yellow/white)
1 C vanilla almond milk
half a bananna, sliced
a handfull of walnuts, crumbled
a generous drizzle of honey
several sprinkles of cinnamon to taste

rinse quinoa.
bring almond milk to a low boil (careful not to let it boil over, keep the flame medium and watch it) when milk starts to bubble at the sides, add the quinoa.
add cinnamon.
return to low boil and turn the heat to medium.
cook for about 10 minutes or until quinoa is done and desired amount of liquid remains.
add to boil and sprinkle with toppings and honey!

I like mine a little soupy.

It tasted like breakfast (and this is very similar to the hot cereal that I eat most mornings for breakfast). Which is ok with me because I like breakfast and don't mind eating breakfast foods as snacks one bit!

Enjoy on a cold winter afternoon. I did....
It was delicious.


  1. That's an interesting idea--I'll have to try it. What brand of quinoa do you buy and where do you get it from? I bought some in the "health food" section at Hy-Vee and I thought it was the nastiest tasting thing, so I haven't tried making it again. I'd love to see more of your quinoa recipes!

    1. C- I get mine in the bulk bins at the health market section of Hy-Vee. I always add something to it, never eat it plain, and always cook it in vegetable broth. This was my first time cooking it in milk!

  2. Awesome Allison! If I could find quinoa in India (and it wasn't 90 degrees outside) I would be cooking this up too! Thanks for sharing your adapted version. I do love quinoa for breakfast, cooked in rice or almond milk, with cinnamon and cardamom. Readers, be sure to double rinse your quinoa before cooking, to remove the bitter dust on the outside of the grain!