Monday, July 2, 2012

In lieu of a weekly menu...

With new veggies popping up in my garden every few days, and a lot more time in my schedule I haven't been planning weekly menus (or taking many pictures-- sorry!). 

But don't worry, we've been eating!
a nice fresh salad from garden greens

There have been a lot of salads from our abundant crop of arugula.

And lot of quinoa with garden veggies mixed with produce from the farmers market or supermarket.

our rhubarb red swiss chard-- see recipe below!

The other night, I pulled all the beets from the garden.  They were tiny, but Ryan and I grew them!  I was excited.  They made a great little salad.  I almost felt bad eating them.  Almost.

they had cool white spirals!

 I sliced the little beets and roasted them at 400 for about 15 minutes and put them with the arugula.  
I saved the beet greens and sauteed them like spinach for dinner the next day.  I have also been putting them in salads.  Don't throw them out, unless they are wilted or damaged.  Eat them! Here's an idea....
simple recipe for swiss chard 
or beet greens 
or any other greens!

greens, from a bunch of beets for instance, washed
olive oil
salt and pepper
walnuts or pinenuts
fresh lemon juice (greens go well with citrus, try lime or flavored vinegar!)
garlic, minced

heat olive oil in sautee pan
add garlic until softened
add greens and nuts, season with salt and pepper
sautee until greens have wilted
add lemon juice at the last minute, stir and cook for 30-60 more seconds
transfer to serving dish

The other night, as a friend and I were parting ways to head to our respective homes for dinner, she asked me what I usually made... did I cook vegan or organic?? 
No, I said... I just... 
-- cook yummy?  she interjected.
Well, yes, of course... 

I've been thinking about that a lot lately.  How do I describe what I cook in a simple conversation? 
I cook simple.
I appreciate complicated dishes, but usually leave that to the professionals.  At home, I really focus on the simple, solid flavors I have come to know and love, such as adding the citrus to the greens.  Knowing that cumin and coriander go well together.  That adding a drizzle of basalmic and olive oil to a tomato, basil mozzarella sandwich is divine.  Oh and you must add salt and freshly ground pepper.  That's how I do it...   it's simple and it makes me (and Ryan!) very happy in our kitchen. 

I hope you're enjoying your summer. 

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