Friday, July 13, 2012

Growing (and eating!) Our Own Food: basil

I mentioned the other day, that I used my garden basil to make pesto using the Mark Bittman basil pesto recipe.  With garden basil, it needs to be tended and used regularly so that it doesn't flower.  I spent about 5 minutes cutting basil yesterday that yielded about 2 cups of leaves.  Until our tomatoes start appearing in droves, I can't use that much basil raw.  So I started making pesto!  I managed to keep a little in the fridge and some to freeze.   I'm hoping I can do a couple more rounds of this before the tomatoes start because it's so handy to have it on hand to put on, well, everything.... sandwiches, pasta, soup, etc.

Here's a link again to the recipe.  It's super easy and more than delicious.

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