Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekly Menu: Finals Week! And Green Bean Update

Here we are again, another Monday weekly menu post.  Thanks to all who have commented either here in person or otherwise. It's nice to know that you are reading our little blog.  We sure enjoy sharing the kitchen table with you.

This week's menu is a little more extensive.  I have some lunches planned because I'll be around the house more, studying and writing final exams (I'm a grad student!).

But first let's revisit the green bean hints I asked about...   I went the rosemary and garlic route.  I had bought some rosemary for that frittata (rosemary, garlic, potatoes, spinach!!!) and had plenty left over.  I love the smell of fresh rosemary!  I steamed the beans for about 5 minutes then threw a couple minced garlic cloves and rosemary in a pan with olive oil. Next went in the green beans for a few minutes. Delicious and easy.

Weekly Menu, December 12-18

slow cooker sweet potato and lentil soup  from Food Network Mag Dec. '11
with homemade flatbread or naan

black bean burritos with salad
I usually just wing this one, adding homemade seasoning to black beans and whatever veggies I have around. They may not actually be burritos proper, but that's what I call them.

Bombay sloppy joes ... another good one from Food Network Magazine I have made over and over again, this one is good enough to be in "the book"( more on that later!)
 with Indian spiced rice with veggies

Pasta with arugula/spinach, white beans and walnuts from Everyday Food June '09  (spinach was on sale in a giant container and will sub just fine, though will have to try this in the summer with arugula!)
with frozen peas

spicy turkey and bacon stirfry also from Everyday Food December '11

carrot ginger soup ... most recipes online have been similar and pretty straightforward. I'm most likely going to do a non-dairy one and am looking forward to experimenting with this in between studying.

roasted butternut squash with  quinoa

Here is a photo of the menu board I keep on my fridge with a handy little magnetic file holder to hold recipes and cooking magazines.  It's not very fancy but does the job.  

Oh, and yes, that is an Ira Glass finger puppet. :)

Have a great week!

Yours truly,


  1. Can I come over for Bombay Sloppy Joes? Yum!

  2. You are always invited! But, if you can't make it in time, click the link for the recipe. This is not your mother's "Manwich". :)

  3. I just made flatbread last week (! We used it with pistachio falafel, and since I had so much left over, just grilled with cumin and melty gruyère as well. Versatile, delicious and fun to make!

    And I also wish I could come over for Bombay sloppy joes. I will definitely be trying that one ;)