Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekly Menu December 19-23

With Christmas looming and lots of last minute preparations taking place, dinners this week have a common thread.  Simple dishes I can make without much recipe consultation.

But first, a quick re-cap of last week's menu:

slow cooker sweet potato and lentil soup: did not live up to my expectations, the picture looked more delicious than it was. With a lot of good ingredients, this is a recipe that could use some tinkering... 
black bean burritos with salad:  This was a winner.  See my previous post about how great it was.
Bombay sloppy joes: hits the spot every time. Try this, it calls for turkey instead of beef (which you could easily swap, or use lentils!) and you can adjust the spices for more or less heat!
Pasta with arugula/spinach, white beans and walnuts: I didn't make it... so it's rolling over to this week's menu.
spicy turkey and bacon stirfry also from Everyday Food December '11: this was not good. I thought it was kind of boring and weird.  I may have had some recipe mishaps, I forgot halfway through that I was making a half portion and made a whole portion of sauce which made it way too salty. But, overall, the photo was deceivingly delicious the dish was not.
carrot ginger soup:  Again, see my previous post. I hope to try this again next week with coconut milk.

On to this week:
roasted butternut squash and quinoa with salad
This is easy to put together, delicious and filling. I can multi-task while the squash is roasting.

Pasta with arugula/spinach, white beans and walnuts 
We still have quite a bit of spinach!

veggie lasagna
I am planing for leftovers!

frittata with potatoes and leeks and rosemary
Have you made a frittata yet?

maybe carrot and ginger soup attempt #2
we'll see if I get to this

Whew! It's going to be a bit hectic, between work and preparing for Christmas weekend.  But, more on that later.  Have a great week!

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