Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekly Menu: September 8-15

Woah! It's the 3rd week of school and I am already busy! Not to mention some interesting home projects underway.  Don't worry, we are still eating well in Des Moines... and now that I have already made one of the dishes, you get  a little more information about it!  Win win, readers.

This menu is driven by a trip I took to the farmer's market on Saturday morning. I woke up early and decided to head out before it got crazy.

Thai red curry inspired by these amazing long beans I picked up at the farmer's market for $1.

 Yes I used a prepared curry base.  It didn't seem to have any scary ingredients in it.  Taste and add more curry paste as needed. The recipe I found on the product website said 1 Tablespoon, I used a total of about 4.  Oh, and I was out of normal white or brown rice so I dipped into my special reserve of red rice I brought back from France.  It made this dish even more special!

Also on the weekly menu:

dinner with friends:  eggplant parmesan (I'll be making this for the first time!) Using Mark Bittman's recipe from How to Cook Everything (I cannot find a good link for that right now). Side dish of okra from the market...

homemade pizza

roasted beet and goat cheese salad! I am very excited for beets again... haven't had them in months.

black beans, rice burritos


  1. Hey Allison. Love these weekly menus:) Tom and I have been eating a lot of brown rice lately. How does red rice compare? Is it not available at all in the states? Ann W.

    1. Ann, I haven't looked for red rice around Iowa, but I bet you could find it... I bought mine in France because it was grown in the region where I was staying. It has the same hearty texture as brown, and was a little nuttier. I love all kinds of rice so it was great! Thanks for reading. Hope you and Tom enjoy your dinner!